Welcome to the new USTA Florida & USTA Florida Section Foundation application portal! This new space will be the hub for the USTA Florida Section Foundation's grant applications and various applications used by USTA Florida. Eventually, through this portal applicants of all types will be able to access all of their application submissions across both organizations all in one spot. 

We are beginning with our USTA Florida Section Foundation grant applications. In the coming months we will be adding additional application types. 

Thank you and we look forward to assisting you and growing tennis for all!


If you are interested in applying for program support, equipment, and/or wheelchair grants and have questions, please visit our website for more information, FAQs, eligibility requirements, instructions on how to apply, and application resources. Click here for more information



  • The organization's EIN Number
  • If working with Youth, SafePlay Certificates for each staff member. Find out more at USTA.com/SafePlay.
  • Copies of your evaluation tools.
  • IRS Letter of Determination of Tax Status
  • IRS Form 990 or applicable tax documents
  • W9
  • Current list of officers and members of the Board of Directors
  • Organizational operating budget
  • Budget information.
  • If you are applying for an Equipment Grant, please complete the Equipment Order Form in advance to include with your application. Click here to download the form.

For questions about this form or grant requirements, please contact Jeff Lato at lato@ustaflorida.com.

Once you begin, you will be prompted to enter your organization's EIN number. If you do not see your organization, you will have the option to skip this step. 

Please complete this form ONLY if there is a change/update to your Delegate and/or Alternate Delegate information for your organization. 

USTA Florida Bylaws Article 3 Section 2:  Delegates

A. Rights

  1. Organization Members shall have one (1) delegate and one (1) vote per delegate.
  2. Delegates – Each delegate shall be appointed or elected in accordance with each Organization Member’s policies provided:
      a. Each delegate and the organization the delegate represents shall be a current member of the USTA.
      b. Each delegate must be at least nineteen (19) years of age.
      c. Each delegate may only be a delegate for one Organization Member
  3. Alternate Delegates – An alternate delegate may be named by the Organization Member in the event a registered delegate is unable to serve and must meet the same qualifications of a delegate.
  4. Organization Members and delegates are entitled to notice of all meetings of the membership. Delegates are entitled to be present and vote at all meetings of the membership.
  5. Individual Members are entitled to be present at all meetings of the membership but shall have no voting rights.

For questions about this form, please contact Brad West at west@ustaflorida.com.

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